Knowing more about Internet election campaigns

Internet Election Campaigns are very popular nowadays but many local candidates make the mistake of starting the campaign website a little bit late. Most of them feel they do not need one till the general election. Elections campaigns are comprised mostly of two parts. We have the primary elections and the general elections.First is the primary election which helps in narrowing down to a single candidate of each party who is seeking a particular office. After the primary elections all the winners go to the general elections. Ultimately you have the general elections that determine the winner of the office.

Internet election campaigns should generally start with the primary election. This is one of the mistake local candidates make. They feel they should wait for the general elections. Many do not want to invest in this area until they have won the primary elections. An early effort on their part will help the candidate to rise high and do well in the forthcoming political elections.

You might want to argue about the pros and cons of internet election campaigns but there are five very strong reasons as to why internet election campaigns should start before the primary race.

1)      One of main reasons is that nowadays most of the candidates are online. They are online for news and for sharing their political views. The Internet makes a politician connected directly with the general people so a voter feels free to know the views and thoughts of other voters. It will be always good for a candidate to ensure that the voters are well aware of their ideologies and agendas before they go in to vote for someone.

2)      Like anything done on time, if you make a website of your party on time it will help you to build momentum for later campaigns. You will have a base of supporters who can be of great help during the general elections for contribution and building a majority.

3)      Internet election campaigns are good marketing sites. When at the level of primary elections focus of the campaign site will be tailored to appeal to the party base. A candidate should be able to convince the voters that they are best for the party and they can take the party forward. Once the primary elections are over, the focus can shift to address the issues and concerns of the voters.

4)      These campaign websites are a great source for fundraising. During the primary elections lot of money is cost. So a candidate will have better advantage if he can raise more money by means of these websites.

5)      Now day’s most active campaign volunteers are those who use the internet for communication and news. The political candidates should try to tap both the online and offline support.

Internet election campaigns offer a great method of communication for the candidate with his voters. These sites can offer additional features like electoral campaign letters, brochures, templates and more. There are articles regarding the party along with digital download products. So if there is a well-designed website that is fully functional it will be of great help during the election. Internet Election Campaigns should be considered by candidates running for any local office as it can provide them with a big advantage before the elections.


Now most of teens out there say they are a cutter, but they are most likely lying. More teens than that, make fun of cutting, and call others (like me) cutter, emo’s, or even the horrifying saintens.

Experts say that a growing number of teens and college students are turning to self-injury to ease emotional pain and find balance. A national study found that 17 percent of students surveyed at Cornell and Princeton universities say they have cut themselves.

So they scratch, cut, bite, burn and hit themselves. They bleed, bruise and blister. And in a perplexing and alarming way, psychologists say, this brings relief.

“It’s a sick way of coping,” said Gary Blount, a psychiatrist at Allina Behavioral Health Services in St. Paul. “There’s an addictiveness to it. It makes them feel better but then it bites them in the butt. They are shamed by it.”

Cutting is a very bad situation, and most people just ignore it. Back in June of this year, there is a festival and I had four fresh cuts on each arm, and I was walking around with short sleeves. People just dont pay any attention to it. My parents never even notice so I am faced to my friends for help. Only two of my friends cut. Bernadette cuts because her dad is verbaly abusive and her mom is in Texas. Mike has depression and asthma.

I know I am not a “very bad emo” or a “selfless little girl” for cutting myself, but, it eases the pain and the sorrow I have had in my life. Self-injury isn’t as common as people may think. Self-injury is not something people talk about very often, but for an estimated 2 to 3 million Americans it is a serious problem. The majority of people who self-injure are women between the ages of 13 and 30, but there are “cutters” of every age, gender, and economic group.

People who “self-injure” are not usually suicidal. They do however, intentionally inflict injuries upon themselves, usually in response to stress or trauma. Their injuries may vary from minor cuts that heal quickly to very serious wounds that leave permanent scars. This is also known as “Deliberate Self-Harm Syndrome”.  you or someone you know self-injures, please get professional help right away. This is just an overview of a very complex myriad of syndromes.

If you know someone or think someone is cutting themselves, then help them seak help right away! Cutting is not cool and is not something minor that can be fixed over night. I do cut myself, but I am seaking help. People do cut themselves for reasons that face everyone, there’s just a difference: they are more sensetive.

So what if your friends wont think your “cool” if you dont cut. Cutting is like a drug, it’s addicitve and easy to ease the pain. Please, help the world with this issue, you may be saving a persons life.

A very nice comment:

This is a very contradictory post. First you say you cut yourself, and you seem to like it. Then you point out its dangers and drawbacks.

What do I think of it?

Certain Indians, long ago, when they were in a battle or facing one in which they thought they were going to die, would cut themselves with their war knives. This was done for two reasons. First, so that they could deprive the enemy of the claim of drawing their blood first. Second, to show contempt for the flesh of a body that was about to die.

What you are doing is different. It reminds me of a young girl, described by Dostoyevsky in *The Brothers Karamazov*, who, when she was emotionally upset, would slam a door on her thumb. They physical pain would dispel the emotional pain.

Having said all that, I recommend that you vent your frustration and unahppiness in a manner that does not injure you. One old-fashioned way is to punch a pillow. Get something that you can punch or beat up on that will not hurt yourself or anyone else. A plump pillow, just for that purpose, would be good. You can do this even if you don’t really know what you are upset about. If you do know what you are unhappy or upset about, then take a good-sized piece of paper, and write it all down. Scotch-tape the paper to the pillow, and then pummel it till the paper is in shreds. This works for many people; and while it is effective, it is also harmless.

Please find some other way than cutting yourself or otherwise hurting yourself to vent your frustration and unhappiness.

A switch can be made. If what I have suggested does not suit you, find something that does. Just make sure it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

But really, I believe if you try it, you’ll find the plump pillow and the pillow with the Scotch-taped paper work really well, and you will be quite satisfied with it.

Sleep Problems in children

Babies with Sleep Problems

As a pediatrician, I see families everyday who share many common concerns. I try to spend as much time as possible educating my patients and their families, but the time we can spend with each patient, per visit, is not enough. When I hear “my baby will not sleep at night,” or “my baby takes forever to go to sleep,” “my baby wakes up several times at night,” or “our toddler will come to our bed several times at night” I just wish I could spend a couple of hours more to talk with the family. Since this is not possible, I usually go over the most common points and principles that will help the baby or toddler to sleep through the night, and review with parents the available information and recommend some books.

Babies Health Resources Recommended

Baby Health Guide | BabyCenter — Find information on your baby’s health including: a guide to doctor’s visits baby illnesses and injuries, allergies, and information on baby medicines.

KidsHealth — KidsHealth is the #1 most-trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children’s health and parenting issues.

HealthGuide HQ — Online health guide site for patients.

Electronic Books for Children With Sleep Problems

By the next appointment, parents who follow my recommendations and read the books are the exception, but you can see the difference it has created in their lives. When we asked to the rest of the parents why they did not follow the recommendations, they said that they needed more information, and reading an entire book was too much for their busy schedule. That is why I have decided to create a short, step by step, e-book, that can be read in a couple of hours, that can make your child improve his/her sleeping tremendously. The recommendations in this e-book are written for healthy children, without any chronic illnesses, who happen just to be fussy at bedtime, or refuse to sleep on their own.

Have you secretly wanted to audition for “The Biggest Loser”?

I heard the radio ad in my city announcing the open call for another season of “The Biggest Loser” and wondered if I would be able to scan the line of potential cast members and recognize anyone from my church or neighborhood or high school. Of the thousands of people hopeful to be selected for the ultimate diet and fitness bootcamp, surely I would know someone.

Or would I? “The Biggest Loser” is a tricky show — not just because it is full- and sudden-immersion into counting calories and spending hours and hours a day being screamed at while wielding kettlebells and sweating profusely on the treadmill — but because it puts your body out there for the nation to see. If someone is a viable candidate, which the show cites as being at least 85 pounds overweight, then weight issues are clearly not being hidden. But it is one thing to be recognized as a bigger person and another to stand on a scale in a jog bra and shorts and to cry, vomit, shake, and maybe even pass out during activity that other folks may do every day.

I wonder how many people long to audition, to get guidance from Bob Harper or one of the other celebrity-status trainers, and to go cold turkey to get radically healthier but don’t simply because they are afraid to stand in that line, possibly be recognized, and then broadcast the good, tough, and ugly on TV.

Considering this makes me applaud the contestants even more than I have when I’ve watched episode after episode of people who worked hard to (as they often say) save their own lives. It takes a lot of courage to sign up, stand up, put it all out there.

Are you one of those people who would like to audition for “The Biggest Loser” or who’ve at least considered going to an open call? What would it take for you to put in your own video or application?

Happy birthday You-Know-Who!

Thanks to modern medical advances such as antibiotics, nasal spray, and Diet Coke, it has become routine for people in the civilized world to pass the age of 40, sometimes more than once.  ~Dave Barry, “Your Disintegrating Body,” Dave Barry Turns 40, 1990

I’m sixty years of age.  That’s 16 Celsius.  ~George Carlin, Brain Droppings, 1997

You’re not 40, you’re eighteen with 22 years experience.  ~Author Unknown

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.  ~Lucille Ball

Soon is the birthday of someone I have grown to admire and care about on Shine.  This person makes me laugh, cry, think, ponder.  This person has made me feel grateful, humble, proud and confident.  And this person, along with many other Shine friends, has made me feel like I found a “home” here.  I look forward to coming here.  I have been able to share my joys, and have others be happy for me.  I have been able to share my sorrows and fears, and have others support me and pray for me.

Like a true, “real-life, in-person” friend, the birthday person and many others here have made me want to be a better person ~ a better Christian, a better mom, a better sister, daughter, employee, even a decent former wife.  (I haven’t accepted “ex-” yet!)  They make me want to be a better friend.  I have been made to feel accountable, not only to them, but to others and to myself.

I am not saying whose birthday it is because it is every one of you.  Maybe it isn’t your birthday in the next week or so, but when it is. come here, read this and know it is YOU.

Happy birthday, You-Know-Who!  For you birthday and always, I wish you love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Remember,  birthdays are good for you – the more you have, the longer you live!

Gun Crazy

I’ve been trying to write this blog for almost a week. Each time I’m nearly finished, another shooting happens. Since March 10, 2009, there have been nine mass shootings.

On Friday, April 3, 2009, thirteen people working to make their American Dream come true were shot to death at an immigration center in Binghamton, NY, a small town where “these things just don’t happen.” The gunman, who had barricaded the back door and was wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying numerous guns and rounds of ammunition, took his own life as he heard police approaching. As information about the victims was made available, we found that many of them had come to America to escape exactly this kind of horror. People on the news said they couldn’t believe it because this only happens “somewhere else.”

Participants in a peace vigil after Binghamton shootings

Early Saturday morning, April 4, 2009, Pittsburgh police were called to a domestic disturbance. Two officers answered the call, and another one, who lived on the same street, decided to stop to help out, even though he had just ended his shift. All three were ambushed and murdered, shot in the head. A quiet neighborhood was turned into a war zone as a man fired hundreds of rounds from an AK-47 out a bedroom window. Again, people asked, “How could this happen here?”

Late Saturday night, in another quiet town, this time, Graham, WA, an uncle discovered the dead bodies of his five nieces and nephews. Then, approximately 20 miles away, authorities found the body of the father, dead by his own hand, in his car. Initially, the reports were the same: “They seemed so good together,” and “they were always so quiet.” In their shock, the people cried, “Not here.”

I started writing this blog on Monday night. Collecting research, editing, took me a little while. But the shootings won’t stop.

Late Monday night, April 6, 2009, in Alabama, a man involved in a divorce case shot and killed his entire family, set the home on fire, then shot himself. Even though the man had been physically and emotionally abusive to both his wife and son, authorities say they didn’t believe he would take this route. I can’t believe they were willing to admit they’re that stupid.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009, a man went on “a shooting rampage” at a Catholic Korean retreat that helped the homeless in California. People who knew him said they had no indication that he would ever behave in such a way. Police are still searching for a motive.

And still, this isn’t even a conclusive list of the latest tragedies. They’re just the most recent. There have also been four other mass shootings since March 10, 2009. A complete list can be found here ( ) at the Washington Post, which includes, the mass shooting at the Pine Lake Rehab, the mass shooting of the four police officers in Oakland, CA, and two more family murder/suicides.

Maybe we’ve gotten so used to these reports of mass shootings that they don’t even faze us anymore? They’re barely making the news anymore. I really had to search for information about these incidents to write this blog, as though they had happened long ago and were already forgotten, no longer worthy of national media attention. But if nine mass shootings in the past month doesn’t get your attention, maybe this will: over 50 people have been killed as a result of this violence, and the number is growing everyday.

Five crosses left for the five children in WA

Again and again, in these cases, we see people on the news throw up their hands, claim they don’t understand how such a horrible thing could happen, and claim, “there weren’t any signs.” Then, days, sometimes only hours later, we find there were, indeed signs, indicators pointing to something that wasn’t quite right about the shooter, or more often, something that was terribly, terribly wrong. There are always signs.

Since the Binghamton, NY, shootings, Jiverly Wong has emerged as an extremely disturbed, angry, paranoid man. He was known to neighbors and family as being violent and fascinated with violence. He used cocaine. The community knew about him.

The Pittsburgh shooter, Richard Poplawski, was also angry and paranoid. He had begun to stockpile weapons, had a history of domestic violence, and had a PFA against him. Police had been called to his home many times before. The community knew about him. The police knew about him.

James Harrison, the man who murdered his children in WA state was eventually described as mean and angry. As the initial shock died down, neighbors came forward and stated that he was often heard yelling at the children, that parents were always fighting, and that he had a reputation for being mean to everyone. A former neighbor stated that he had called the Sheriff’s department and Child Service’s to attempt to get help for the children, but nothing was done. The community knew about him. The police knew about him.

Police are still searching for a motive in the Korean retreat shootings. Yet, as the initial shock died down, a neighbor of the man came forward and stated that the shooter was angry and felt that others were not pulling their weight around the retreat. He apparently had issues with the people he attacked. Someone knows something.

In the case of the Alabama shooter, it was documented that he abused his family. It wasn’t taken seriously. Now they’re dead.

So, what are we going to do, America? The Pittsburgh police officers said over and over again that they were “out-gunned” by the man who fired hundreds of rounds at them with an AK-47. What civilian needs an AK-47? And how are our police supposed to protect themselves against one when they’re only permitted to carry .9mm?

Every single one of these people, save the Korean shooter who little information is known about, had a history of violence and exhibited signs of mental illness, abusive behavior, was known to police and/or government agencies as exhibiting threatening behavior, and yet STILL they were able to purchase and own firearms legally? WHY?

One suggestion that I have is that people, in general, need to be more aware. This could happen to you. This could happen in your neighborhood. This could happen to your friend, neighbor, or family member. How many times have you heard your neighbors fighting loud enough that you could hear them in your own home, but not called the police? How many times have you said to yourself, “Where’s a cop when you need one?” but not called one? You don’t want to get involved? Well, your community is your business. Sure, you could inconvenience someone for a few minutes. Or you could save someone’s life.

Obviously something needs to change about gun laws too. When mentally ill, drug addicted, violent people own guns LEGALLY, something is terribly wrong with the system.

I know people are going to run to this post writing, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Well, guns killed people in every single one of these incidents. If these people wouldn’t have had guns, many of these people would still be alive.

There’s not a person posting to this blog who can outrun a bullet.

Green Bean Casserole, a Thanksgiving tradition

So here we are with Thanksgiving less than a week away. I can’t wait, one of my personal Favorite Holidays ! With that said, the simple green bean casserole comes to mind. I read all of the comments on the story about making over this Simple, yet delicious Thanksgiving staple. I tend to agree with most of the comments. Keep it the same , simple way it has been for 55 years. Sure if you like to jazz it up a bit, go for it! If some feel the urge to give  the humble green bean casserole a makeover, again, go for it. I for one will keep it the same. I do like some suggestions of adding a few things like cheese, or bacon. Let’s face it folks…

Thanksgiving is all about tradition. Whether that is green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, or deep fried turkey, which is amazing, by the way!  More times than not, this feast of a holiday can be rich in calories, fat, etc. Here is my take on that : eat in moderation ! Whatever you cook for family and friends is your tradition. I love green bean casserole, yet my brother hates it.

He likes sweet potatoes, yet I won’ t touch them. It’s all about personal preference. Yes, too much turkey and side items will make you sleepy every time . So if you want to burn off those extra calories after Thanksgiving, the solution is simple ~ Get some exercise. My personal fav is riding a bike, whenever possible. If you are lucky enough to live where it’s warm in late November, even better. Ride a bike, take a walk, whatever works for you. Until next time, everyone enjoy a safe and  Happy Thanksgiving !

Quick Recipe for Sinkarne

Sinigang Na Karne….Boiled Beef

2 pounds stewing beef or beef
shank, cut into 1-inch cubes
2 pounds spare ribs (separate
each rib)
1/2 cup minced onion
4 cups cubed red ripe tomatoes
2 cups rhubarb, cut crosswise
into 2-inch slices (if rhubarb is
not available, substitute 6
tablespoons lime or lemon
6 cups water
patis or salt and freshly ground
pepper to taste
2 cups spinach or any green
leafy vegetable
l 1/2 cups red radish
2 cups green cabbage, quartered

To a large stockpot, add the beef, spare ribs, onion, tomatoes and rhubarb in 6
cups water. Bring to a boil; skim off foam; then simmer until tender. Remove
rhubarb and mash. Strain through a sieve and return extract to pot. Add patis or
salt and pepper to taste. Put in the leafy vegetable, radish and cabbage. Simmer
until vegetables are done.

Serves 6 -8.

Eat the “right fat” diet this holiday season

by Tammy

“Old,” “ugly” and “fat” are the three most undesirable words in a woman’s vocabulary.  Especially during the holiday season and especially when you are dealing with family members like mine, who have about as much tact and subtlety as an M1 army tank.  Our conversations tend to always revolve around these three taboo words, and are as comfortable as cart-wheeling down Times Square in December wearing nothing but a Santa hat.  These conversations usually go like this:

“So, Tammy, how old are you now?”

“Oh, Tam, hon, let me recommend a reputable cosmetic surgeon.”

“Happy holidays, sweetie-pea!  Here’s an exercise video and a digital scale.”

Therefore, my crash diet in preparation for our holiday family gathering starts early.  It’s easy to avoid all types of fats.  But healthy dieting is not about avoiding all fats; just the “bad fats.”  We need to consume the right foods to make hormones and various other necessary chemicals for healthy living.  Of the 20 edible fats, only omega-3 and omega-6 fats are essential building blocks for our physiology.

Omega-6 fats can be found in corn oil and omega-3 fats can be found in fish, flax seed oil, canola oil, and soybean oil.  However, that doesn’t justify eating a plate of deep fried onion rings in a tub of corn oil.  One teaspoon of corn oil would satisfy our daily nutritional needs for omega-6 fats. The omega-3 fats are the ones that most of us don’t get enough of. You can obtain them through either ½ teaspoon of flaxseed oil, one tablespoon of canola oil, or one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of soybean oil.

So this holiday season, you don’t have to avoid all fats to lose or maintain your current weight.  The key is to eat the right fats in the right amounts.

To learn more about essential fatty acids as well as how it can help protect pregnancy against early pregnancy loss, check out the Greene Guide at

The latest of 3 days

No tests today! Dori got the day off from testing today. She had a pretty rough time last night as her fever spiked to 104 and they had to pack ice packs around her to try and bring it down. She says it took an hour to go down 1°-needless to say she’s had better nights. She has also started coughing and now the thinking is she may have some kind of pneumonia. I guess when I first heard that it was a shock but really we don’t know for sure and so nothing has really changed since there are no absolutes. That frustrates me but Dori seems to be OK when I see her. I know that deep down she is probably scared-we all are but everyone’s hanging in there. It’s real tough on Dori’s Mom, I know she’s going crazy not knowing what’s going on. I’m hoping for some better news soon, that seems to be common theme for these entries lately.

Don’t know much – 2nd day

Not a whole lot to report. Dori is doing OK but her fever still lingers and she still has very little energy. She seems to be doing good when I see her but not good enough to come home. The latest test done yesterday showed nothing-good and bad news as there must be something causing the fever. Dr Kapoor wants to remove her mediport (its kind of like a permanent IV connection in her chest if you don’t know what one is) as they are common sources of infection-even though they have tested for infection there and saw none. So if they can schedule her surgeon they will do that today. Of course Dori is tired of the tests and guesses, etc. It’s frustrating not knowing what is causing the fever and low-energy. Plus this is the first extended hospital stay for her in years. We are hoping for the best but starting to humker down for a long battle. I have called in ground support in the form of my grandma who will be staying with us next week. Even if Dori comes home she will need lots of help. We have had great help so far but there is nothing like having someone on-call 24/7 which is what we will have next week. Better days ahead.


Highs and lows – 3rd day

Today was a big day. At one point I felt that Dori wouldn’t be with us much longer and then when I saw her tonight she looked as good as she has in days and I thought she had turned the corner and would be home soon-and well! So I really don’t know what to think. She has felt pretty good all day but the fever still lingers although it is not real high. All the test they have done have not shown an infection anywhere so the source of the fever remains a mystery. We talked with Dr Kapoor and he was miffed as well. He hopes that the worst is over and that Dori will continue to improve. That is the hope, but as today has shown us..things can change pretty fast. I’m pretty worn out but I was real happy to see Dori up and moving around tonight and talking with Kapoor was helpful too. The best thing was that the kids got to see Mom for about 30 minutes and they were happy about that.


My Mirena Experience and Review

My name is Stephanie. In January 2008 I wrote an article about my experience with Mirena IUC. I had no idea when I decided to write this the response it would receive. As I am writing this there are over 1800 comments, 230,000 total views and another 400 to 700 views each day.

I receive many e-mails about women wanting to know more information. Today one women asked if there are any side effects after the Mirena is removed. I had to tell her that because I am not a doctor and I still am only 3 years into my first Mirena I didn’t have an answer for her. Then I realized, I’m actually really curious about the answer to this question as well.

I know that there are plently of experiences regarding this question in the comment section that could give her the insight she and I are looking for, but because there are so many it is near impossible to search through. I am not able to even read the comments that come in because there are so many to be approved on a regular basis. I find myself just skimming to make sure they are appropriate and then approve.  It’s also nearly impossible for anyone to answer questions that women have because there is no way for a poster to know when she is being asked a question from someone else.

So I decided to create my Mirena reviews for those of us who want first hand experience about this form of birth control. I’m only one women, I can only offer one experience. But I thought it would be a great thing if I could create a space that women could go to to share their story in a place that could be organized, where women can ask questions, and also allow for answers to questions.